MLMC 2018 Frontiers: 3D Imaging: Dead or Alive

Montreal Light Microscopy Course Overview

The July 2018 MLMC is designed to provide a week of advanced instruction in optical microscopy. Core facility staff and managers, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, PIs, and research scientists are all welcome to attend.

The onlne registration and application form is available.
Please check the Registration page for more details and to access the form.

MLMC Topics

  • Imaging Fixed Samples
  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Photo-Manipulation
  • Measuring Cellular Dynamics
  • Light Sheet Microscopy
  • Multi-Photon Microscopy
  • Laser Scanning Confocal
  • Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Multi-Dimensional Imaging
  • Image Processing and Analysis

MLMC Location

Charles F. Martin Amphitheatre
McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
3655 Promenade Sir William Osler, Montreal H3G 1Y6

Join us for the Keynote Lecture

Wednesday evening, July 18, 2018:

DR. JOHN D. LEWIS, Associate Professor, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta, will speak on
Intravital Imaging of the Tumor Microenvironment.

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MLMC Facts

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Feedback ...

  • “Best course so far. Thank you for organizing this at so high standards.”
  • Most liked about the course:
    “The quality and experience of the presentations and speakers and staff is what I liked most about the MLMC. I also liked that we could try so many different systems from different companies and be able to compare their advantages.”
    “Interaction with participants and staff.”
    “The structure of the lectures in the morning and hands on in the afternoon. Lots of hands-on!”
  • Most valuable thing learned in hands-on exercises:
    “Actually seeing the difference in resolution from the different techniques! Seeing is believing.”
    “Seeing the different microscopes and how they work was the most valuable. I can't pick one because it was all great.”
  • Relevance of lectures:
    “Honestly, pretty much everything presented in the lectures was awesome: A good overall refresher with adequate detail on all techniques.”

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